As Wordsworth said, the Child is the father of the man!!

  • He saw these children in shabby uniforms but with joy in their hearts
  • Boys and girls holding each other’s hands as there was no adult to chaperone them
  • They all stopped for stragglers and called out loudly for the straggler to hurry up.
  • They spoke to each other across many heads, forming a web of sounds, yet they understood each other
  • They were happy and overjoyed to be back at school and their demeanour and laughter showed it all.
  • Blowing soap bubbles in the air
  • Skipping and hopscotch
  • Building dens with sheets and pillows
  • Climbing trees
  • Dressing up
  • Gilli danda, seven tiles and hide and seek
  • Bruised knees
  • Slides, swings and merry go rounds
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Playing pranks like throwing stones at the neighbour’s mango trees with an escape route already planned out
  • Music, song and dance and so much more
  • Domestic child labour — I recall an incident during a parenting session. A mother was concerned that her toddler was getting very attached to the maid. I asked her how old the maid was, and she answered 10 years. I told her that she was exploiting a child and child labour being illegal; she did not deserve an answer. One could hear the silence in the hall
  • Cheap child labour
  • Lack of access to schooling and education leaving large number of children illiterate.
  • Under nourished and malnourished children
  • Abuse of all kinds, even sexual and drug abuse — rag pickers use whiteners, thinners and stolen petrol to get their daily fix.
  • Every child can sleep in safety and security
  • Every child has access to education
  • Every child is healthy in mind and body
  • Every child has the freedom to laugh and play
  • Every child is loved
  • Every happy child continues to be happy



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Phyllis Farias

Phyllis Farias

Educational Consultant with 2 passions in life: the Child — from toddler to adolescent, and Education — education philosophy and psychology