Conversations Between the Common Flu and Covid 19

Phyllis Farias
5 min readFeb 6, 2022

Here is the big secret!

Covid 19 knocked at our door and hubby and I tested positive.

Can it really be kept a secret?

My sister called to ask if all was okay, as I had been very quiet on the family WhatsApp group. And it is not possible to keep it a secret in your vicinity, for the change in one’s behaviour and routine is visible to one and all, if you are following Covid protocols of quarantine.

In any case, it is Covid here, Covid there, Covid everywhere.

It seems like only a matter of time before everyone will say, Hi! You too! I too! They Too!

The night I had high temperature this blog played out in my head. It is purely my experience and my opinions, at the same time, definitely not delirium.

The common ‘flu and the Corona Virus were having an interesting conversation.

(Common Flu –CF, Corona Virus –CV)

CF: Tell me CV my friend, no no, you cannot be my friend; but tell me what makes you so different from me. I give my victim fever, a stuffed up nose, a cough, body aches, and chills and also cause them big headaches.

CV: You are right my friend and I do not mind calling you, my friend. I do the very same things in my present variant. I also run to plan, give a few symptoms less or more this way or that, a day more or less. Some have it mild and some, more severe.

CF: And yet, you make the government and everyone nervous. They decide on lockdowns, weekend and night curfews, work from home and close the schools. Some people don’t even want to put their nose out of the door. Everyone is in a spin wondering what you will come up with next. Do you have a 4th wave up your sleeve?

CV: 4th wave? Let the 3rd wave get over and then I will decide. Yes, I do all that you say and more. I am quite powerful!!

Instead of me speaking, let someone who has experienced ‘you, the flu’ and ‘me, the corona virus’ do the talking. So, over to Phyllis.

Hi everyone,

Over the years I have had flu quite a few times; in fact doctors would diagnose it as the viral flu.

Symptoms: fever, cold, cough, headaches, body aches. It would run its course and one was fine again.

Treatment: Most often Eau de cologne cold compresses to keep the fever down, paracetamol, salt water gargles, steam inhaling and at times antibiotics.

No isolation and no quarantine. I have conducted workshops with the flu and often times everyone in the family would succumb to it. The help were not kept away. It was easier to manage and cope.

What made the CV more difficult for me and possibly for many others?

This was the scenario:

Hubby called out from the bedroom and wanted me to see if he had a temperature by feeling his forehead. (Felt the need for a loving touch, I think) Instead, I took out the thermometer and checked. Temperature almost 102*F. Now came a whole lot of questions. Should I enter the room? I was already in the room and that too without a mask. Walked out of the room and shut the door.

What next? Keep a cool head!!

Ah! Call son. He immediately took charge of certain things like arranging for the RTPCR test. He created 2 groups on WhatsApp, one with the 4 of us and another with a doctor who would act as a contact point to monitor the symptoms. So everything was now virtual and under control.

Told the house help and ‘R’ our ever faithful man Friday, not to come to work.

Ernie had to move to a kennel for who would take him for his walks? So he was whisked off believe it or not, in a chauffeur driven car sent by the kennel.

Test Results: Both of us were positive though I had not yet started on any symptoms. The plus point now was that we were free to move around the house, no more ‘touch me not’ or separate anything. Only house quarantine!

Deepika our daughter in law managed the logistics.

CV: Stop! Stop right there Phyllis. I will take over now and tell CF what makes me different.

I can create quite a disturbance by keeping the household help away. Fever or no fever, some vessels have to be washed. A nice cup of hot coffee or tea soothes the throat. And don’t forget that nourishment is of importance if patients are to get the better of me. Clothes have to be put out to dry, brought down and folded. Well nurtured plants cannot be left to die, can they?

Come with me CF and let’s take a peep into Phyllis’ kitchen — have a look at the floor. Looks like birds have emptied their bowels on it. I think she just gave up on doing some things that were too tiring and difficult. One of the lessons I teach these humans is to be more appreciative of their household help.

CF: Okay, I get it!

So, what else is different?

CV: Did you not notice the panic and fear in her narration? She was trying to cover it up, but not very effectively. All the media hype and conversations with each other can mess up a person’s head. These humans talk to each other, read each other’s posts on social media, compare symptoms, create expectations and feel good if they are better off, or worry and feel bad if they are worse off! Apart from checking her oxygen saturation levels on that little gadget, -what is it called? Yes, the Oximeter, I noticed that Phyllis checked her breathing by counting up to 20 while holding her breath. I think they are afraid of death, afraid of being buried unsung and unhonoured. I am not such a bad virus, if only the humans would take care of their immunity with, exercise, sunlight, fresh air, nourishing food………..

CF: I agree!

CV: I love to take credit for this one. I have made people pray a lot more.

CF: Do you really believe that?

CV: I know so, and that is once again related to fear of death and the unknown. But, they don’t get it — they don’t understand that there is a contradiction in what they are doing. Little do they realize that prayer and fear are incompatible. They need to have more faith in their creator.

CF: Coming to think about it, the humans can learn a lot from you with the right attitude.

Thank you CF and CV for the realization that belief and faith in God and confidence in the resilience of the human spirit can and will overcome anything and everything including fear!!



Phyllis Farias

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