I am a Project!!

  1. To reduce weight from 73kgs to 63kgs. Sounds realistic but still about 6kgs more than the ideal weight for my height. I don’t want to look like a shrivelled up prune.
  2. To fit into clothes I have set apart as motivation.
  3. XXL size to come down to XL and then L. Expecting M, I think will be too much.
  4. To reduce stress and pain on my weight bearing joints in order to be more agile.
  1. Work very hard in the house, sweeping, dusting, washing vessels and drying them; cooking, putting clothes out to dry and bringing them back. Watering the plants and what have you!
  2. Keep the aims in mind even if feeling tired
  3. Eat small portions. No snacking in between
  4. Have fruits and vegetables.
  5. Use positive affirmations
  6. Exercise every day. About 20 minutes in the morning and an hour in the evening.
  7. Check weight on a regular basis. There are different opinions on whether one must check ones weight every day.
  1. At the end of Lockdown 4 my weight is now in the range of 67kgs — still a long way to go. I am not discouraged, it can be done.
  2. My size has come to L which I think is great. So I have toned up. My trousers are quite loose.
  3. I can fit into some of the clothes that I had set aside. My arms are the problem
  4. My knees are much better. Not creaking as much as earlier.
  1. Earlier, I thought my weight would not budge from the 72/ 73kgs. Now, I know that I was not doing things right.
  2. It is possible to lose weight with discipline and routine.
  3. Take pushing and a reminder in the right spirit — for the project has to be accomplished.
  4. I can keep away from snacking.
  • Weight has gone up to about 68 kgs, not touched 69 but if I am not careful it will slowly creep up there. Not good at all. I have been debating whether to blame hereditary factors for it!
  • Discovered that my weighing scale was doing an honest job. How and where I stand on it is the issue.
  • My knees can be stiff and painful on certain days. (Could it be dietary?) Getting out of bed is difficult unless I do some stretches and that is really difficult with a full bladder! Tricky situation that needs some innovative thinking.
  • The clothes that I could fit into are a little bit of a struggle now.
  • With the maids coming back, much of the physical work I used to do has stopped. Should I take back some of it or create something new?
  • Trying out new dishes is not a very good idea if the objective is to lose weight. How stupid can I be, I should be trying out healthy dishes!
  • Determination and perseverance can be hijacked with the right ingredients and excuses.




Educational Consultant with 2 passions in life: the Child — from toddler to adolescent, and Education — education philosophy and psychology

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Phyllis Farias

Phyllis Farias

Educational Consultant with 2 passions in life: the Child — from toddler to adolescent, and Education — education philosophy and psychology

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