Learning Opportunities Around Me: Hummingbirds to Perpendicular Pencils

  1. Running through my mind constantly was the thought that when the maids were back they should not find the house less than what I expected of them. Hence the pressure of living up to some expectations created by me in my head.
  2. Was it poor planning?
  1. Do the “not important” things that are “urgent” for others. This is the Yes Man / Woman, the Pleaser.
  2. Do the “not important” and “not urgent” things. The Slacker, spending time on … well, do I need to spell that out?
  3. The Prioritizer does the important things at the right time.



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Phyllis Farias

Phyllis Farias


Educational Consultant with 2 passions in life: the Child — from toddler to adolescent, and Education — education philosophy and psychology